Without even noticing it until someone mentioned it, did I realise that our spell checker in WordPress was missing. I double checked and nope, it definitely was not there.. I even checked Ultimate TinyMCE to see if there was a checker hiding in there… but no….

Missing Spell CheckerI remembered out of habit that I would normally just right click on the word that had a red wavy line under it and I could check my spelling that way. I did this out of habit like I said so didn’t even realise that the feature was missing from the WordPress editor / kitchen sink feature.

Missing Spell Checker HelpTo check your spelling right click on the word with the red wavy line and a drop down will appear giving you various spelling options. Choose the one you would like to use and the red wavy line will go away.

However if you decide that the spelling is correct and you want to leave it that way, Add the Word to the dictionary and next time it will be there for you. This will help especially if you are in Australia and WordPress tries to give you the US version of a word.