Tutorials for Website Owners

My partner, Stuart, and I have been building websites since 1996 and we built our first e-commerce site in 1998.

Since then we have built almost every type of website that you can imagine. We have built them for clients and for ourselves and we have amassed a huge amount of experience in every aspect of website building and marketing.

We share that experience in these tutorials. Every one of them has basically been a brain dump by one of us.

We hope you find them useful in growing your online empire.

Photographs and Images for Your Website

It’s almost impossible these days to build a website that doesn’t include some photographs or images and, if you’re selling products or specialised services online, then images are a vital part of your marketing message.

Despite the fact that photographs and images are such an important part of any website the quality, composition and effectiveness of many of the images you will see online is sadly lacking.

All too often website owners think that taking the perfect photo is simply a matter of pointing the camera at something, click the shutter button and then uploading the photo to their website.

Unfortunately for them, taking a good photo that will help sell a product or service is a far more involved process than many may think. These tutorials will help you improve your website photography.

11 Tips for Better Product Photos
We bring you these from our own years of experience

Free Photos for Your Website
How to get great photos to use on your website and stay within the law

Optimising Your Website

When we first began building websites life was simple. All you needed to know was some simple HTML for the page layout and how to reduce the size of the photos you used because big images just didn’t work on very slow dial-up connections.

Life has moved on and things are more complicated now. Building the perfect website has become a juggling act where there are so many balls in the air that it’s hard to keep track of them all.

It’s enough to scare you off but, with the help of these tutorials, you will be able to master that juggling act and produce a website that not only looks good but does a great job of selling your product or service and manages to keep Google happy all at the same time.

Speeding Up Your Website
How I shaved 7 seconds off the load time of this website