Free Photos for Your Website

You do not have the right to use photos on your website unless:

You have taken those photos yourself

You have employed a photographer … or a friend, relative, employee … to take those photos for you

Have obtained a licence from the person who took the photos … or their agent … to use the photos on your website.

Just because you have seen a photo on a website, on Facebook, on Flickr or anywhere else online does not mean that you can take it and use it.

And why would you want to run the risk of being hit with those penalties when there are places online that allow you to use their photos and images for free?

Here is a list of image libraries that will allow you to use their high-quality images for FREE but be aware, each of these libraries have licences associated with the use of those images.

If you choose to use those images then you are bound by the terms of those licences … and some can be quite restrictive … so always read the fine print before you jump in and start using their content.