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Facebook Posts

Are you about to hit the ‘Share’ button on a Facebook post you’ve just written?

Ash yourself these questions before you do:

  • Is it fresh and topical?
  • Is it engaging?
  • Is it short and to the point?
  • Is it interesting for your audience?
  • Will your audience find it helpful?
  • Is it relevant to your business?
  • Will it promote your business?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to all those points, then go ahead and hit that ‘Submit’ button but if there is just one “no” in those answers then go back and rewrite the post.

And keep on rewriting it till you can get a ‘yes’ for every one of those questions … and if you can’t then don’t publish it.


  • People don’t want to waste their time on stale information
  • People won’t stop and read your posts if it is presented in a way that doesn’t catch their eye.
  • People don’t want to read large blobs of text on their mobile devices and they don’t have time to waste on the equivalent of long windy farts.
  • If your audience is made up of home gardeners, then don’t talk about the hassles of running a small business … they’re just not interested.
  • If your audience is made up of home gardeners are you talking to them about the latest developments in composting because that will help them grow better plants or are you talking to them about fertilizer that wheat farmers use?
  • If you’re a business consultant then your posts should be about business and not about the skiing trip you took to Whistler last year.
  • Is the subject matter really going to promote your business or is it talking about other businesses? Have you included a very brief mention of how you can help those who are struggling with the problems that you’ve mentioned in your post?

Research has shown that the ideal FB post that gets the most engagement from readers is between 40 and 80 characters long. The line below is self-explanatory:

Research shows that 80 characters is the ideal length for a Facebook post – this is 84

Of course you can post more if your post contains useful information for the people who are reading it … but many will skip the information, even if it is useful for them, simply because it’s too long for them to read.

Your Facebook posts can go a long way towards building your business … or they can go a long way towards destroying it.

People don’t have to read your Facebook posts … it’s up to you to make people want to read them.

March 25th, 2019|Social Media|

The Smell of Death and Decay

I never recommend that a business have a blog on their website.

I don’t recommend that a business have a news page on their website either.


Well it’s not because a blog or a news section is an easy way of providing fresh content and, as the ‘sales pitch’ goes: Google loves fresh content.

Of course, that’s true, Google does like to see fresh content and potential customers of that business like to see fresh content too because it shows them that the site is still active, and the business is alive.

But what do most blogs and news pages on business sites show?

Dust and cobwebs and the strong impression that the last person to leave the building obviously forgot to switch the lights off before they locked the front door … and who wants to trust their money to a company that may not even exist anymore?

I know that it seems to be the exact opposite of what many web design experts will tell you but I’ve been telling people for years that the idea of incorporating a blog or news page on their website was a VERY bad idea simply because no one ever updates their blog or news page.

They forget about them … they leave them to rot and those parts of a website develop the smell of death that damages a business rather than promotes it.

The smell of death

So what made this pop into my mind on a hot sunny Sunday afternoon? Fortunately nothing that I could smell.

What made the idea of dead business blogs and websites pop into my mind was a site that Stuart showed me.

It’s a live site that is selling exclusive high-end products to a very select audience and at one end of the website you can pre-order … and pay for these products in advance.

At the other end of the website … on the front page no less, there is a blog that obviously hasn’t been updated since early 2015.

Now why you would want to put your blog on the site’s home page is beyond me but to put it there and then forget about it? Can you get any dumber than that? Not even if you’re blonde!

Think about it for a moment. This is a site that is owned by a business that pre-sells very expensive products and to be fair, most people probably arrive on the site’s product pages rather than their home page, but why would you have a home page that’s covered in the Internet’s equivalent of dust and cobwebs when you want to encourage people to part with large sums of money?

What positive impact could that home page be having on the business?

How much damage is that old … old … blog doing to the business?

So, if you have a blog or news page on your business website are you keeping them up to date?

If you have people who come to you for advice about their website are you giving them the right advice if you’re telling them that they MUST have a blog or a news page whether they really want it or not?

February 12th, 2019|General|

Dump These ‘Must Have’ Drags on Your Website

It’s ironic that one of the reasons we stress over the time it takes for our websites to load is that we think that we have to please the mighty Google** and yet so many of Google’s extras that we think that we must have on our websites are the very things that slow our website down.

Are you using Google Fonts, Google Analytics and Google Adsense ads on your website?


Google Fonts
Why are you using Google Fonts? Sure, they’re different, they may look more pleasing to your eye but do they actually do anything positive in the eyes of your site’s visitors?

Does the reader get the message that you’re trying to convey faster because you’re using a Google Font? Do Google fonts make your visitors more likely to buy the product that you’re selling or take some other positive action that you want them to take?

Do your site visitors even care that you’re using some font they rarely see on the Web or are they leaving because your site is slow to load and they can’t be bothered sticking around till something does show up on their screen.

The standard boring old fonts that have been around for years load fast simply because they are already found on everyone’s computer.

Your visitors’ web browsers don’t have to make extra calls for fonts that are already available on the computer but extra calls have to be made for Google Fonts and, in a system where milliseconds count, the last thing you need to be doing is increasing the time it takes for your website to load.

Google Analytics
There was a time when Stuart and I were hardcore stats junkies. We poured over our stats every day because we believed that understanding how people were reaching our websites, interacting with our websites and what routes they were taking to leave our websites was vitally important to the success of our business.

But guess what? Now we know that we, and thousands of other people just like us, were sold a crock of the brown stuff when we were told that we had to know our stats if we wanted to succeed … and just knowing the basic stats wasn’t enough … we had to know every minute detail if we truly wanted to succeed.

Of course, it was easy to know all that information that was so vital to our success … it was all there in Google Analytics and all we had to do was add a snippet of code to our websites and we too could be in statistical heaven.

But do you really need all that information? Have you had a look at the way your website loads when Google Analytics is installed and just what a drag those few lines of code can actually put on the loading speed of your website?

Did you know that if you use cPanel with your web hosting there is a free analytics program that adds absolutely nothing to the loading time of your website but still provides a lot of important information?

It’s called AWStats and, because it runs on your server, there are no extra calls made to Google as your website loads … calls that add to the loading time of your website.

Sure, AWStats may not tell you what your website visitors had for breakfast or the last time they combed their eyebrows but it does give you the important information that you need and it doesn’t drown you in irrelevant stuff.

And it doesn’t slow your website down.

Webmaster Welfare
That’s what many experienced online marketers called Google Adsense years ago but, to be fair, many Webmasters have made some reasonable money from it … and many more have made almost nothing from it.

If you are running Adsense on your website have you bothered to take the time to look at how it impacts on the loading speed of your website?

If you haven’t then I suggest that it’s time you did and the easiest way to do that is to go to gtmetrix.net and run a test on any page on your site that has Adsense on it and print off the report. Pay particular attention to what is known as the ‘Waterfall” because it will give you a visual indication of how long each part of that page takes to load.

Then remove the Adsense from the page and run the test again … the results may come as a real surprise.

Stuart was running two graphic Adsense ads on one of his websites until he looked closely at the results of one of those speed tests.

A repeat of the test the next day again showed that Adsense was dramatically adding to the loading time for the page on his site and that was enough for him … it only took a couple of minutes to ditch Adsense and the time it took for the page to load decreased dramatically.

Straight text Adsense ads won’t be as big a drag as ads that include graphics but even text ads require calls to be made to Google’s servers … servers that are slower than the servers that deliver search results … and that will have a negative impact on your website.

So, there are three very important things that you need to be looking at and thinking about if you want to reduce the time that it takes for your site to load.

Of course, those suggestions fly in the face of what most “experts” recommend but then we rarely agree with “most experts” … we prefer to rely on our years of experience.

** Oh yes, there was this little note from further up the page. Google has been talking about the time it takes for a website to load and they are getting to the point where they want to see a web page load in under 2 seconds.

That is a scary number and, to make it worse, a lot of people have been suggesting that Google is using the loading time as a ranking factor … but that’s not entirely true. Google has said that it is using the loading time as a ranking factor in SOME verticals … but not all.

The main reason you should be focusing on the time it takes for your web pages to load is that the people who visit your website are impatient … they don’t want to be kept waiting.

If your web page doesn’t load fast then your website visitors aren’t going to stick around … after 2 seconds with nothing to see you’ll be bleeding website visitors and that’s the last thing you will want to happen.

February 8th, 2019|Website Speed|

Custom Pricing in WooCommerce

Custom Pricing for WooCommerce

Custom pricing plugin for WooCommerce

When one price does not fit all situations

So you have a product that you want to sell at a certain price but you have some special customers that you might want to offer that product to at a discounted price.

You might want to discount the price for a number of reasons. They might be:

Regular customers

Customers who buy in large quantities

Customers who support you in other ways

Government departments that won’t require any after-sales support

People who live in the same small town as you do so you want to be neighborly.

Whatever the reason might be, offering special pricing in your WooCommerce store can be done within the WooCommerce settings and I have done it in the past.

However it is a challenge so why fiddle with obscure seeings when, as always, there is a plugin for that?

There is a plugin for that

Customer Specific Pricing Lite for Woocommerce by Wisdmlabs is available in the WordPress Plugin Repository and it allows you to set a unique product price for specific customers or groups of customers.

It comes with CSV import and export functionality that allows you to upload multiple customer-price pairs or you can add or remove special prices for individual customers right on the product edit page.

Flat rate or percentage discounts

You can also set the prices based on a flat rate or a percentage so you can have sales in your online shop and your special customers will still get their discount.

There is also a premium version of the plugin available from the Wisdm Labs website that offers a lot more functionality.

While I haven’t used this particular plugin I have to say that it looks fairly easy to use from the screenshots available on the website and they do have a demo you can play with on their website.

This is definitely one plugin that I’m going to keep in mind because it sure looks as though it will take the pain out of trying to set different prices for different customers.

October 2nd, 2018|There's a Plugin For That|


If you have experienced burnout from working long hours continually, you will understand when I say that you feel like you want to crawl under a log and hideaway.

Continually working long hours is not good for you. Your whole being will cease to function as you want it to and you will find that you start to lose the ability to keep going. Often it can spiral out of control but there are ways to stabilise your wellbeing so that you can regain your self-control.

When you lose control your whole world comes tumbling down around you and often you want to give up. You may have the feeling that there is nothing else to live for and before you do anything stupid you need to find someone to talk to. I know it is hard to trust people but you need to because if you don’t it can be the end of you.

If you are feeling like this, then speak to your doctor and be truthful about how you are feeling. He or she can help…

Always remember to make time for you.

May 30th, 2016|Lifestyle Changes|